Wednesday, October 11, 2017

You know that entire system of thought that has a wide variety of differing opinions and theological diversity? ALL OF THEM are wrong because of this one rhetorical point! Logically Impossible, bro!

There has been an article here and there on Free Thinking Ministries where they claim things like Calvinism is logically impossible because of a verse or because God is love etc, This type of reasoning is sophomoric, you should not make absolute claims on probable propositions.

The waters get muddy when you say say a whole system of thought not contingent on this one proposition is invalidated by the proposition in question. Examples of this here.

The former Calvinist garden is full of flowers, not the tulip kind, but the Leighton kind I see.

I shall provide an example to show you how ridiculous this really is. By all means, disagree with Calvinism, but I urge you to do it in a intellectually rigorous way, not a meme way.

If I were to say "The leader of Free Thinking Ministries changed his whole soteriology in one day, therefore it should be renamed Fickle Thinking Ministries, because changing your soteriology in one day is logically impossible in a real free thinker!"

You see what I did there? All I did was make unsubstantiated claims and assume my conclusion. That's how easy rhetoric is in this direction.

I do not say this anger or malice, I say this out of love. Your other articles on your site are great, but this has to stop, not because you're picking on Calvinism, but because if you did this on any other subject, I doubt many would buy into it, not even the most rambunctious arminian.

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